2012 International Debris Flow Workshop

2012 International Debris Flow Workshop,

August 10-11, 2012 – A Summary

The workshop was held at the Ruicheng Celebrity Hotel in Chengdu, Sichuan, China, to provide an open forum for debris flow researchers in Asia for the exchange of ideas on coping with debris flow hazards.

The workshop was the second in the series of debris flow scientific exchange workshops among scientists in Asia. Academic reports were presented in sessions as Mountain Hazards and Research Progress; Mitigation and Forecasting; Fluidity, Movement, and Numerical Simulation; Mechanism and Earth Surface Process; Deposition and Assessment; and Sedimentation, Erosion, and Influences on rivers.

The theme of this workshop was about debris flow control systems, but was not limited to this topic. Research about debris flow risk control, its interaction between buildings, and rivers were also discussed.

The Asian Network on Debris Flow (ANDF), with its office located at IMHE, was formally established during the workshop, and it will aid in the reduction of damage from the many debris flow disasters that tend to occur more frequently at present.

One hundred scientists from eight countries and regions gathered in Chengdu with the following objectives: show the latest research achievements relevant to debris flow, display the countermeasures employed for extraordinarily serious debris flow events, discuss current and past scientific investigations on debris flow, prioritize future research directions, and work out mechanisms for cooperation between scientists and organizations in Asia.