2016 Training course on evaluation, prediction and early warning for earthquake induced mountain haz

Southern Himalaya is a traditional mountain disaster prone area, with active avalanches, landslides, dammed lake outbursts, and debris flows, etc. A recent large landslide in August 2, 2014 in Lukla area, Nepal caused more than 160 deaths and more than 440 missing, and also interrupted the China-Nepal highway, leading economic loss at $400 thousands per day. The Ms 8.1 earthquake on April 25th, Ms 7.5 earthquake on May 12th, and subsequent aftershocks in 2015 further induced abundant collapse, landslides, ground subsidence and fissures, causing more than 8000 deaths in Nepal and 29 deaths in Tibet, China, 45% of which was caused by the mountainous hazards. Undoubtedly, the earthquakes greatly increased the risk of mountainous hazards in this area.

Areas including Northern India, Southern Tibet of China, and Nepal, are surrounded of the earthquake epicenter and influenced seriously, and all called as social and economic underdeveloped regions. The majority of residents have no choice but to live in the river terraces, ancient landslide deposits, and debris flow fans and ice moraine plateaus, which are very vulnerable to mountain disasters. The disaster technologies are limited and prevention, control works are very difficult to carry out. Given this background, the scientific monitoring and early warning based on disaster risk assessment and prediction is necessary and determined as the theme of the training work.

This program aims to promote the information exchange on the present natural hazards mitigation technology and cooperation situation among China and the adjacent developing countries in Asia, through a 3-days professional training and 2-days field investigation. Top-level scholars in China were invited to give lectures and show the newest early warning and risk control technology.


The following area will be covered by this course:

Landslide, debris flow risk assessment and management

Hazard early warning system

Hazard mitigation and protect system.

Pre-requirement of attendee:

1.     Research fellows with background on mountain hazards

2.     Work on mountain hazard mitigation and risk management

3.     Fluent in English.