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Indonesia : Heavy Rain, Flood, Landslide : 2019/01/21

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Details of Disaster Information Indonesia : Heavy Rain, Flood, Landslide : 2019/01/21 GLIDE: FL-2019-000011-IDN  Duration 2019/01/21 Country    or District Indonesia Name Heavy Rain, Flood, Landslide Outline Heavy rains that have been hitting South Sulawesi since 21 January 2019 caused floods and landslides, and displaced more than 6,700 people. Summary Human Impact Physical Impact Others Related Links Report/Articles Jakarta Post 2019/01/27 Floods and landslides that hit 12 regencies and one city across South Sulawesi last week have killed at least 68 people and displaced about 6,700 others, the National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB) said on Sunday.