Wenjia Creek Rock Avalanche

This information is mostly referred from the scientific publication:

Catastrophic debris flows on 13 August 2010 in the Qingping area, southwestern China: The combined effects of a strong earthquake and subsequent rainstorms. C. Tang, T.W.J. van Asch, M. Chang, G.Q. Chen, X.H. Zhao, X.C. Huang. Geomorphology 139140 (2012) 559576.

A catastrophic debris flow catchment (the Wenjia catchment) was selected as an extreme case to show in detail the mechanism of debris flow formation as a result of intensive erosion in loose material, which was deposited by a rock avalanche during the 2008 Earthquake event. Analyses of the meteorological conditions that triggered these debris flows show one day antecedent precipitation varying between 67.7 and 137.6 mm, with a mean rainfall intensity of about 7.3 to 22.5 mm/h. A rainfall event with peak intensity of 38.7mm/h triggered the largest debris flow event. Rainfall data related to five debris flow events in the Wenjia torrent was used to establish a primary rainfall intensityduration relationship for the triggering of debris flows.